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PUSSY POWER in the press

May 31, 2017

"Pussy Power" has over 36,000 views from Facebook and YouTube combined. It has been featured on Broadway World, Playbill, and Huffington Post. Read Mary Page's blog about her journey with the song on the Ensemblist. 


February, 2017

Mary Page was recently featured among the incredible ensemble and choreographer of The Great Comet for the recent Photo Shoot by Matthew Murphy! Check out the images and video footage of the shoot day below!


June, 2016

Richmond Magazine Feature. Harry Kollatz Jr. interviews Mary Page, Bud Weber, Duke Lafoon, Drew Seigla, and Emma Orelove about their training in Richmond and their New York success. 

From SUNY To Tonys: How Purchase College Preps Its Students For The Professional World: Inside the local programs that are making stars on Broadway.

Mary Page's local newspaper from hometown, Richmond, VA covers the front page of their Arts section with her journey to Broadway! Interviews from Diane Paulus, Eliot Kennedy, Kelsey Grammer, Bruce Miller and more. 

Second Star to the Right, and Straight On ‘Til Broadway: Mary Page Nance’s Road to ‘Neverland’. SUNY Purchase interviews Mary Page about her journey to Broadway. 

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Director, Finding Neverland

“Mary Page has been with us from the start,” she said, speaking from New York. “She is a standout in our ensemble. She is an excellent singer, great dancer, and she’s very funny as an actress. When she comes on stage, you can’t help but notice her.”  

“She will do anything for the greater good of the show,” Paulus said. “I respect her for her team spirit and her work ethic. She is in a select group by virtue of her talent.”


          - Richmond Times-Dispatch


Eliot Kennedy

Composer, Finding Neverland

He was "blown away at how capable she was as a dancer.”  

“I was amazed at how great she was vocally,” he said, speaking from England. “No one expected the dancers to sing, but we have been really blessed. Mary Page and the other dancers can sing really well.”


          - Richmond Times-Dispatch


A Chorus Line: Review

Seacoast Repertory Theatre, Seacoast Online

"Mary Page Nance as Sheila is another standout. Her overt sexuality is played believably. She too is a triple threat. The dancing and voice smart. But it's her deft handling of the character that makes her so powerful on stage, from the brash beginnings to the break."​


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Virginia Repertory Theater, Artistic Director

“Mary Page’s ace in the hole is that she is an extremely confident performer, and that comes from her dance background,” he said. “She gets on stage and commands your attention. When she was done with the run of ‘Millie,’ we had a feeling she had great things ahead of her. She had the commitment, intelligence and energy. It was palpable. You could feel it.”  

“Clearly the next place she would go would be Broadway,” he said.


When Miller was in New York in March, he bumped into actor Kelsey Grammer, who plays literary agent Charles Frohman and Captain James Hook in the production.


“He said how impressed he was with Mary Page and how she was so comfortable in the Broadway environment. It was fun to hear someone of his standing say Mary Page is incredible,” Miller said.


         - Richmond Times-Dispatch

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